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We Launched An App!

Please Join us by checking out the new app. This app is interactive and includes many basic self defense techniques.

Whether you have already attended a class and need to practice, or don't want to get out of the house but want to educate yourself-this app is perfect for you.

We will be adding new workouts and videos every month!

Womens Self Defense: Image


Lozen Tactical offers Women Self Defense courses for women of all ages. Mother daughter courses, seniors heading to college, or anyone that wants the confidence of knowing they can protect themselves.

Womens Self Defense: Courses
Image by Jude Beck


This three hour course will cover basics:

-situational awareness


-basic striking

-basic escapes


- Q & A

Next Course:February 26, 2023 5-7 PM at Kaizen Strength Systems

Mother and Daughter


This mom and me self defense course is a great way to spend time together and sharpen your skills.

This three hour course will contain the following:

-situational awareness


-basic strikes

-basic escapes


**Daughters 12+ unless otherwise approved**

***Available upon request***

Friends Who Work Out


This four hour self defense course is for any high school female heading to college. This course will contain:

-situational awareness


-trusting your instincts

-safe practices in crowds

-basic strikes

-basic escapes

-basic takedowns

-Q and A

**Parents encouraged to attend**

*** Available Upon Request ***

Self Defense Training


Create your own custom defense course. Create a private group (minimum 6 attendees including yourself), choose your defense topic (Womens only, self defense, attack specific, job specific), schedule the event. 

These courses will contain basic instruction about:


-situation awareness


These types of courses are great for:

-girls night out

-office training

-first responders

-cheer groups

-Girl Scout troops

-sports teams


For more information on how to create your own private course please email at


Prefer to work one on one?

No worries! I am always welcome to provide private, 1 hour sessions to assist you with your self defense needs. 

Send me an email with your information and needs and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Private Sessions can be paid with cash, PayPal, Venmo, cash app, or this webpage.

Also ask about first responder discounts and gifting sessions!

Womens Self Defense: Text


Every course I teach ends with the same question "how do I call for help if I can't get to my phone". I usually tell people GET LOUD-get attention! 

However I finally have a solution and an answer.

I found a product that provides a little piece of mind-not just for you but for the parent of a college student, the concerned dad or husband, or just the woman that wants to know she has back up. 

Invisawear has SOS jewelry. Necklaces, Bracelets, keychains, and even arm bands. The decorative piece has a button on the back, discreet and can't be seen, but if press twice can dial 911, send your location, and even contact your loved ones. You can even pay an additional fee and have the button monitored by ADT.

I personally use the wristband option for late evening walks alone, running through my neighborhood, and even hiking. 

If interested push the 'show me' button below. You can never pay too much for peace of mind, and preparedness is always the answer.

Womens Self Defense: About
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