Do I Need Supplements to Work Out?

The simple answer...Fuck No.

Here is the common misconception about supplements: you don't HAVE to have them to get results. In fact is says in their name...SUPPLEMENTS. Some of us need them to SUPPLEMENT pieces of our diet that we aren't generally achieving through a normal diet.

For example I supplement protein. Simply I cannot reach my protein goal without the supplementation. It just isn't feasibly and quite frankly my digestive system will whoop my ass. Adding a scoop of protein to my coffee every morning not only bridges that gap but also tastes fucking amazing.

This goes for other supplements as well. Do you NEED greens? Probably not BUT if you already know you're not a veggie eater or that you're never going to meet the per day demand then it may not be a bad idea for you.

There are a ton of supplements out there and even more supplement companies. So here is my word of caution. Do your research. Know how your companies produce their products. Not all companies are created equal and quite frankly many are looking for the profit not the results. If you're getting a good deal or you can't believe you just got 30 pounds of protein for $30....there is a reason for that. You need to be looking at the % in the protein and how it was processed. There is a good chance your drinking fillers and your progress and results will suffer...not to mention gut health. (protein farts are just fucking gross y'all.)

After years of research my heart and my glutes have chosen 1stPhorm. The link to them is on the home page at the bottom.

I support and recommend this company whole heartedly. Are there other good companies out there? Absolutely. Am I saying ditch your brand because I think 1stPhorm is the best? No. You do what works for YOU. They work for ME.

If you ever have supplement questions, want to know if you need one, will it benefit you, or the in depth wtf's of it...send me a message! I'll do my best to help you and send you in the right direction. Just remember-There is NO magic pill.

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