Is RBT and all of this annual training REALLY necessary?!

So let me start with this. I wasn't going to bring this topic up for a few more weeks but after todays events in El Paso I've changed my mind.

A few months back my agency conducted its annual RBT (reality based training) sequence with the entire office. Keep in mind the ENTIRE office is required to complete RBT every year. I love RBT. I mean come on...who doesn't want to train with sim rounds and leave with the bad guys covered in paint? For some RBT is a ton of anxiety and they don't learn anything and for others it's an inconvenience.

As a SWAT team member I am very used to RBT situations and running scenarios and past experienced situations over and over and over. Practice makes perfect right? No. Practice makes the prepared.

With that said I hear the following statements on a regular basis every year during RBT time...and usually from either the older guys or the brand new ones. "Why do I have to do this every year"; "This is so fucking stupid I have better shit to do"; and my personal favorite "This will never happen here";

Let me start with this. If you're attitude is "This will never happen here"...Then you have already failed yourself, your partners, and your community. There is also a solid chance you're just a fucking idiot.

Some of our RBT courses include active shooter response, officer down drills, traffic stops gone to shit, pursuits (foot and vehicle), domestics, burglaries, etc. They are all, for the most part, things the instructors have encountered at some point in their career. So yes can fucking happen here.

As the resident shit magnet on my shift I take training seriously. There is almost a 150% chance its going to happen to me so why not be prepared right? I recently experienced an active shooting call (shooting was concluded upon arrival but the call itself was active). I recall driving to the call (hauling ass is more accurate) and thinking about my checklist...what do I need to do en route and what am I going to do when I get there? Cool story bro...without RBT training and the other training we are required to attend I probably wouldn't have the slightest idea where to start.

Preparedness will always be key.

So remember when you get the email from admin that you have to go to the new mandatory training referencing active shooters or whatever....suck it up and fucking go. You never know when the call will come and you will thank your starts that you paid the fuck attention at training.

So yes its fucking necessary.

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