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This blog will be used to touch on points and topics that directly effect females in Law Enforcement. Everything from what to pack for a shift to how the hell do I pee with all this shit on!?

Hopefully this will be just as informational as it is entertaining.

To introduce myself my name is Kimber. I work for a Sheriff's Department in the great state of Oklahoma. I have worked for this agency for a hot minute and I have been allowed to do all the cool things. Im currently assigned to evening shift patrol and also hold a position on the SWAT team as an Operator, the Dignitary Protection Team, I am an FTO, and consider myself to be a bad ass of all trades. I love everything about what I do and most of all I love helping my fellow women of law enforcement kick ass and take names.

I have a LOVE for fitness. I enjoy kicking my own ass in the gym. I do have a supplement company I am associated with so you will see that quite a bit on this blog and entangled in this page. I am currently training and preparing for my first Bikini Competition in St Louis. If it isn't challenging then I don't want to be a part of it.

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If you have questions comments or want to tell me anything at all or have a specialized thing you need assistance with PLEASE email me!

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