What the fuck is a tactical athlete?

Well by definition (and according to google) a tactical athlete is a person with the physical ability, stamina, and strength to function on the battlefield.

This has become a fairly new term to describe a lot of the training techniques already utilized by our military and a lot of Operators. So what is the big difference? Why might the movements we perform under the bar not be enough? be honest...the game has changed. The idea of calling out your SWAT team every time you encounter a critical incident is slowly diminishing. I can personally say I've experienced more incidents in the field that would have been categorized for 'SWAT only' ten years ago. So with that game change...we need a preparation change.

Unfortunately just going to the gym and hitting the weights isn't going to do it anymore. The job we hold is far more 'explosive' in nature than how much can I bench or deadlift.

What do I mean by that? I mean my 21 year old rookie may be able to jump out of the car after being cold for two hours and chase a suspect through ten back yards and act like nothing happened...but my over 30 ass? Yeah...if I'm not training correctly and taking care of myself I'll land myself in urgent care for sure. Torn and pulled ligaments, tendons, and muscles are an unfortunate fact of life if you're not trained and/or recovering properly for the line of work you perform.

So that's where the new tactical athlete business has come into play. Some of us have been doing this for a while and just called it 'working out' but I have to admit I fancy the new name.

Tactical training is more explosive movement, stamina, and brute strength.

Tactical training also includes the ability to implement your training on the gun range. Again not uncommon if you're already on a tac team of some kind. Still a new concept to a lot of people.

The training provided through Lozen will be classified as tactical training. You can even put the cute term 'tactical athlete' in your IG profile. If you continue to follow the blog or even follow us on IG you'll be able to see examples of movements that are considered tactical training. Feel free to message me to see examples of specific movements or if you need some help getting your own routine down let me know!

Post any questions you have below!

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